Merry X-mass

Happy new year


Like birds, let us, leave behind what we don’t need to carry…
Life is beautiful, Enjoy it. HAPPY NEW YEAR


Happy New Year Wish

My Happy New Year wish for you
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.

A year in which you cherish
The past year’s memories,
And live your life each new day
Full of bright expectancies.

I wish for you a holiday
With happiness galore;
And when it’s done, I wish you
Happy New Year, and many more.

By Joanna Fuchs



May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow.Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. MARRY CHRISTMAS


  Merry christmas

May your world be filled with warmth and good chear this Holy season, and throughout the year.Wish your christmas be filled with peace and love. Merry X-mas


سلام دوستای عزیز

کرسیمس همتون مبارک


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در جمعه 10 دی1389 ساعت 0:17 موضوع | لینک ثابت

Third News)Amazon levels at 30 – year low)

The Amazon is a  lifeline  for everyone in the river basin, from businessmen in the big city of  Manaus  to  indigenous tribes  in remote settlements.

When water levels fall, the biggest effect is on transport – ferries area barges are the only real way of moving goods and people around an area that spans about half the South American continent . In the last few weeks, the river and its  tributaries  have become increasingly difficult to navigate, and  vital  supplies of food , medicine and fuel are now struggling to get through. In an example of the risks, sixteen people were killed last Friday in a ferry accident which the captain blamed on difficult river conditions.

The dry weather in the Amazon has also caused huge fires in jungle areas. One recent blaze covered northern Bolivia in smoke, as well as the neighbouring part of  brazil.

As to the cause of this low rainfall, scientists say it's probably  cycles in the climate , not global warming. they think the weather in the Amazon is affected by sunspots and water temperatures in the Pacific – factors which vary in regular patterns. The bad news is that this dry cycle is expected to continue for another month.

دانلود صدای داستان 

دانلود صدای داستان

ادامه مطلب


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در چهارشنبه 31 تیر1388 ساعت 13:20 موضوع اخبار انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

دانلودآهنگ supllication سامی یوسف با متن آن




Allahumma salli 'ala, sayyidina,

Muhammadin an-Nabiyyi al-ummiyyi,

Wa 'ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim


(o Allah, send your peace and blessings upon our master Muhammad the unlettered prophet, and upon his family and companions)


O My lord

My sins are like

The highest mountain,

My good deeds

Are very few

They're like a small pebble.

I turn to you

My heart full of shame,

My eyes full of tears.

Bestow your

Forgiveness and mercy

Upon me

Ya Allah,

Send your peace and blessings

On the final prophet,

And his family

And his companions,

And those who follow him.



دانلود آهنگ                                                                 



    sami yusuf                                                                           


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در جمعه 31 خرداد1387 ساعت 20:44 موضوع آهنگ های انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

Second news

Live 8 performers profit question



No one knows what the effect of the weekend's concerts will be on the leaders about to gather for the G8 in Gleneagles in Scotland or on the millions living in poverty in Africa. But we do know what the effect has been on the record sales of several of the rock n roll millionaires who played. They've soared. Sales of Madonna's greatest hits have trebled according to a week on week comparison by one of Britain's biggest chains of record shops. But this is a modest boost compared to an eight fold increase for the veteran rockers the who and a remarkable fourteen times more copies sold of the latest compilation by Pink Floyd.

                    This is potentially embarrassing for those involved in the concerts, as the cynics favorite accusation has always been that rock stars use charity to disguise self promotion.

Perhaps aware of this one of the stars of the London concert has announced that he will not profit from the surge in sales and will donate his royalties to charity. David Gilmour, the guitarist of Pink Floyd is known as a generous donor – again cynics will point out he can afford it,  but his is an important gesture in maintaining the moral high-ground of those involved in what was presented as a principled campaign against poverty.  Gilmour urged other musicians-as well as their record companies-to make similar donations.



دانلود صدای خبر

برای دیدن خلاصه فارسی خبر به ادامه مطلب بروید

ادامه مطلب


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در دوشنبه 27 خرداد1387 ساعت 20:51 موضوع اخبار انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

مرد تمام دو سالانه های ایران

دکتر حبیب الله صادقی

مرد تمام دوسالانه های ایران

 استعفای آقای دکتر حبیب الله صادقی رئیس موزه هنر های معاصر تهران 

18 مدير در عرض 29سال ركوردي است كه موزه هنرهاي معاصر تهران به آن دست يافته است.

يعني عمر هر مدير در مهم ترين مركز مرتبط با هنرهاي تجسمي كشور حتي از يك سال و نيم هم كمتر است. مدير اين موزه در طول ساليان گذشته، مديريت مركز هنرهاي تجسمي وزارت ارشاد را نيز برعهده داشت. مرداني كه در سال هاي گذشته بر صندلي اتاق مديريت موزه در راهرو حلزوني شكل آن تكيه زده اند، خطوط اصلي و سياست هاي كلان هنرهاي تجسمي كشور ر ا نيز تعيين كرده اند.

اين روزها بازهم در مديريت موزه تغييراتي ايجاد شده است. تغييراتي كه كمتر كسي انتظار آن را داشت چرا كه حبيب الله صادقي، آخرين مدير موزه و مركز هنرهاي تجسمي، سياست هاي اين دو مركز را كاملا تغيير داده بود و آنها را در مسيري پيش مي برد كه با مجموعه وزارت فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامي هماهنگي داشت. او حتي در آخرين صحبت هاي خود پيش از استعفا از اين سمت از طرح هاي بلند پروازانه اي گفته بود كه قصد اجراي آنها را در سال 87 داشت اما گويا او هم مانند مدير پيش از خود نتوانست در موزه دوام بياورد و از زيرزميني بيرون آمد كه گران ترين تابلوهاي موجود در ايران در آن نگهداري مي شوند.

حبيب الله صادقي حضور خود در مركز هنرهاي تجسمي و موزه هنرهاي معاصر را با فعاليت هاي عمراني آغاز كرد و در صدد تغيير هنرستان هنرهاي تجسمي پسران و سالن سينماتك موزه هنرهاي معاصر تهران برآمد. صادقي سال ها پيش در همان هنرستان درس خوانده بود و پس از آن قدم در راه نقاش شدن گذاشت. او به نسلي تعلق دارد كه با انقلاب اسلامي به نخستين تجربه هاي هنري جدي خود دست زدند و به عنوان نقاشان انقلاب و دفاع مقدس شناخته شدند.

صادقي در بدو ورود خود به موزه هنرهاي معاصر تهران نمايشگاه «شرق خيال» را برگزار كرد. نمايشگاهي كه نمونه آن را در سال هاي گذشته در فرهنگسراي نياوران، مجموعه فرهنگستان هنر و خود موزه هنرهاي معاصر تهران ديده بوديم. بزرگ ترين دستاورد صادقي در طول 2سالي كه در موزه هنرهاي معاصر حضور داشت به برپايي دوسالانه هاي عقب افتاده هنري باز مي گردد كه البته درباره كيفيت آنها اما و اگر زياد است. صادقي را مي توان به راحتي مرد دوسالانه هاي هنري ايران ناميد چون هيچ كس در مدت زماني كه او بر مسند رياست تكيه زده بود اين همه دوسالانه برگزار نكرد.

ناگفته نماند كه صادقي هم در اين نمايشگاه ها حضور داشت اما حضور او به عنوان يك خريدار  بود، نه برگزار كننده. حبيب الله صادقي در يكي از آخرين گفت و گوهاي خود به عنوان مدير مركز هنرهاي تجسمي وزارت ارشاد، همچنان صحبت هاي اميدواركننده داشت. او در روزهاي پاياني فروردين به خبرگزاري فارس گفت:«با افزايش بودجه اي كه در نظر گرفته شده است، امسال فشاري كه در بخش برگزاري دوسالانه هاي مختلف داشتيم مرتفع خواهد شد.»كمتر از3هفته از اين صحبت هاي صادقي گذشته بود كه او همراه با خبر استعفاي خود گفت:« اگر بودجه مورد نياز، اختصاص داده نشود يا حمايت بعدي صورت نگيرد، فكر نمي كنم كمك ويژه اي بتوان به اين جامعه كرد

منبع: همشهری                               سایت موزه هنرهای معاصر




نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در شنبه 4 خرداد1387 ساعت 23:0 موضوع | لینک ثابت

بخش جدید وبلاگ راه اندازی شد(آموزش زبان انگلیسی از طریق اخبار)

سلام دوستان

بخش جدید وبلاگ  که در مورد آموزش زبان انگلیسی از طریق اخبار می باشد افتتاح شد. از این به بعد براتون اخبار انگلیسی هم میزارم؛ بعضی هاشون که دانلود صداشونو هم  میزارم جنبه آموزشی دارند و  می تونید تو ادامه مطلب خلاصه ی فارسی و معنی لغات سختش رو ببینید.



Nasa probe strikes comet


Jubilation at NASA's jet propulsion labs in California, as the first picture of the collision comes in from the Deep Impact  mother ship . Just before six o clock GMT the impactor , weighing a third of a ton, smashed into comet temple 1 at a speed of thirty seven thousand kilometers an hour.

Telescopes across the world , and in Earth orbit , will be watching the giant spray of debris thrown out by the impact . the brightened comet in the constellation Virgo may even be visible to the naked eye , allowing members of the public around the world to join in this historic moment in astronomy.

The next twenty four hours could change our understanding of how the solar system formed , as pristine material from inside the comet is revealed for the first time in four and a half billion years.


ادامه مطلب


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در جمعه 3 خرداد1387 ساعت 2:26 موضوع اخبار انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

داستان شماره 9


Jimmy lived in the country , and he loved playing in a very shallow river near his house, but

then his father got a job in a big city , and he moved there with his family.

Their new house had a garden, but the garden was very small. Jimmy wasn't very happy.

"Is there a river near here?" he asked his mother on the first morning.

His mother answered, "No, there isn't, but there's a beautiful park near here, Jimmy, and there's a pool in it. We'll go there this afternoon." Then Jimmy was happy.

After lunch, Jimmy and his mother went to the park. Jimmy wanted to walk near the pool, but there was a sign in front of it. His mother read it to him: "WARNING: This pool is dangerous. 367 people have fallen into it." Jimmy looked into the pool carefully. Then he said, "I can't see them."



دانلود صدای داستان


ادامه مطلب


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در پنجشنبه 26 اردیبهشت1387 ساعت 23:0 موضوع داستان های انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

داستان شماره 8

Miss Richards was a teacher at a school for boys and girls. She taught chemistry and physics from the lowest to the highest classes in the school. Some times the new classes learnt rapidly ,but some times they were very slow , and then Miss Richards had to repeat things many times.

One year, the first class had been studying chemistry for several weeks when Miss Richards suddenly asked, "What is water? Who knows? Hands up!"

There was silence for a few seconds, and Miss Richards felt saddened , but thenone boy raised his hand.

"Yes, Dick?" said Miss Richards encouragingly. He was not one of the brightest children in the class, so she was glad that he could answer.

"Water is liquid which has no colour until you wash your hands in it, Miss. Then it turns back," the boy replied with great confidence.


دانلود صدای داستان


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در چهارشنبه 7 فروردین1387 ساعت 6:53 موضوع داستان های انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

Happy new year

Happy new year

دانلود آهنگ عید از سامی یوسف با متنش

Let us rejoice indeed

For this is the day of Eid



La ilaha illalla

Muhammad rasulallah

La ilaha illallah

Muhammad rasulallah

Alayhi salatullah

Alayhi salatullah


Children are wearing new clothes

Bright colours fill the streets

Their faces full of laughter

Their pockets full of sweets

Let us rejoice indeed

For this is the day of Eid




Mosques are full of worshippers

In rows straight and neat

Their Lord they remember, His name they repeat

Their hands are raised to the sky

They supplicate and plead

On this blessed day

Forgive us they entreat

Let us rejoice indeed

For this is the day of Eid



People are giving charity

And helping those in need

In giving they're competing

Today there is no greed

Let us rejoice indeed

For this is the day of Eid


Enemies embracing each other

All hatred is buried

Every one is celebrating

Greeting every one they meet


Let us rejoice indeed

For this is the day of Eid


                                               دانلود آهنگ

سال نو مبارک 



نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در دوشنبه 27 اسفند1386 ساعت 23:19 موضوع | لینک ثابت

داستان شماره 7


Harry did not stop his car at some traffic-lights when they were red, and he hit another car. Harry jumped out and went to it. There was an old man in the car. He was very frightened and said to Harry, "what are you doing? You nearly killed me.!"

"yes" Harry answered, "I'm very sorry." He took a bottle out of his car and said ,"Drink some of this. then you'll feel better." He gave the man some whisky, and the man drank it ,but then he shouted again, "you nearly killed me!"

Harry gave him the bottle again, and the old man drank a lot of the whisky. Then he smiled and said to Harry ,"Thank you .I feel much better now .but why aren't you drinking?"

"oh, well" Harry answered ,"I don’t want any whisky now. I'm going to sit here and wait for the police."


برای دیدن ترجمه داستان به ادامه مطلب بروید


 دانلود صدای داستان


ادامه مطلب


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در پنجشنبه 23 اسفند1386 ساعت 19:34 موضوع داستان های انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

داستان شماره 6


The cautious captain of a small ship had to go along a coast with which he was unfamiliar , so he tried to find a qualified pilot to guide him. He went ashore in one of the small ports where his ship stopped, and a local fisherman pretended that he was one because he needed some money. The captain took him on board and let him tell him where to steer the ship.

After half an hour the captain began to suspect that the fisherman did not really know what he was doing or where he was going so he said to him,' are you sure you are a qualified pilot?

'Oh, yes' answered the fisherman .'I know every rock on this part of the coast.'

Suddenly there was a terrible tearing sound from under the ship.

At once the fisherman added," and that's one of them."


دانلود صدای داستان 


برای دیدن ترجمه داستان به قسمت ادامه مطلب بروید. 

ادامه مطلب


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در یکشنبه 19 اسفند1386 ساعت 17:53 موضوع داستان های انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

دانلود آهنگ مادر از سامی یوسف با متن آن



Blessed is your face

Blessed is your name

My beloved

Blessed is your smile

Which makes my soul want to fly

My beloved



All the nights

And all the times

That you cared for me

But I never realised it

And now it's too late

Forgive me



Now I'm alone filled with so much shame

For all the years I caused you pain

If only I could sleep in your arms again

Mother I'm lost without you

You were the sun that brightened my day

Now who's going to wipe my tears away

If only I knew what I know today

Mother I'm lost without you


دانلود آهنگ


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در جمعه 10 اسفند1386 ساعت 12:32 موضوع آهنگ های انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

زندگینامه سامی یوسف

Sami Yusuf was born in the month of July 1980. He was born into a musical family of Azeri origin and thus music played an integral part in his life. Sami's initial training came from his father, who is an internationally renowned composer, poet and a multitalented musician.

Sami grew up in London and learnt to play several instruments at a very young age and gradually began to show a keen interest in singing and composing. He studied music at several institutions and with renowned composers from the Royal academy of music in London, one of the world most prestigious music institutions.

Sami has been composing from a very young age and his beautiful voice is supplemented by his extensive knowledge of notes and harmonies. He has also a good understanding of music theory and the Middle Eastern modes(or Maqams).

Indeed, it is rare to find a person who has all these talents.

Sami is also a devout practicing British Muslim who sees songs as a means of promoting the message of Islam and encouraging the youth to be proud of their religion and identity.

Sami Yusuf is fast becoming, or arguably is, the UK's leading Nasheed singer. In Muslim culture Nasheeds are popular from of music that parise the Prophet(peace be upon him) and glorify Allah. typically few, if any, instruments feature in a Nasheed and the human voice is expected to carry the Nasheed.

Unsurprisingly with the constraints of the Nasheed form traditional Nasheed artists have struggled to captivate Muslim youth already immersed in the sophisticated sounds of contemporary music.

However, one Nasheed artist who has a growing following is Sami Yusuf.

His training in Western Musical theory and Middle Eastern modes ( or Maqams ) has produced his distinctive voice that has performed to sold out venues around the world.



نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در جمعه 10 اسفند1386 ساعت 12:28 موضوع آهنگ های انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

داستان شماره 5


When Billy was very small, he loved pictures. His mother often drew some for him on old

pieces of paper. She was very bad at drawing, but Billy enjoyed her pictures and always wanted more.

Then, when he was a little older, Billy's mother gave him some pencils and a drawing book, and he began drawing pictures too, but they were never good.

When Billy was five years old, his mother gave him a small black board, some pieces of chalk and a duster. He liked those very much. One day he was trying to draw a picture of his father on the black board. He drew lines and rubbed them out, drew more and rubbed those out too for ten minutes, but when he looked at his picture he was not happy.

"well," he said at last to his mother, "I'll put a tail on it and make it monkey.


 لطفا برای دیدن ترجمه داستان به قسمت ادامه مطلب بروید.

دانلود صدای داستان


ادامه مطلب


نوشته شده توسط Mahdi در پنجشنبه 2 اسفند1386 ساعت 22:39 موضوع داستان های انگلیسی | لینک ثابت

گفتگوی خدا با انسان

dreamed I had an interview with God

در رویا دیدم که با خدا حرف میزنم


So you would like to interview me? God asked

او از من پرسید:آیا مایلی از من چیزی بپرسی؟


If you have the time? I said

گفتم....اگر وقت داشته باشید


God smiled. My time is eternity

لبخندی زد و گفت: زمان برای من تا بی نهایت ادامه دارد


What questions do you have in mind for me ?

چه پرسشی در ذهن تو برای من هست؟


What surprises you most about humankind

پرسیدم: چه چیزی در رفتار انسان ها هست که شما را شگفت زده می کند


             God answered                                                          

پاسخ داد:


That they get bored with childhood

آدم ها از بچه بودن خسته می شوند


They rush to grow up, and then

عجله دارند بزرگ شوند و سپس


 Long to be children again

آرزو دارند دوباره به دوران کودکی باز گردند


That they lose their health to make money

سلامتی خود را در راه کسب ثروت از دست می دهند


And then lose their money to restore their health

و سپس ثروت خود را در راه کسب سلامتی دوباره از دست می دهند


That by thinking anxiously about the future

جنان با هیجان به آینده فکر می کنند


They forget the present

که از حال غافل می شوند


                                   Such that they live in neither the present nor the future                      

                                     به طوری که نه در حال زندگی می کنند نه در آینده


That they live as if they will never die

آن ها طوری زندگی می کنند؛ انگارهیچ وقت نمی میرند


Die as though they had never lived and

و جوری می میرند... انگار هیچ وقت زنده نبودند

We were silent for a while

ما برای لحظاتی سکوت کردیم


And then I asked

سپس من پرسیدم


As a parent, what are some of life's lessons you want your

Children to learn?

مانند یک پدر کدام درس زندگی را مایل هستی که فرزندانت بیاموزند؟


To learn they cannot make anyone love them

پاسخ داد: یاد بگیرند که نمی توانند دیگران را مجبور کنند که دوستشان داشته باشند


All they can do

ولی می توانند


Is let themselves be loved

طوری رفتار کنند که مورد عشق و علاقه دیگران باشند


To learn that it is not good to compare themselves to others

یاد بگیرند که خود را با دیگران مقایسه نکنند


To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness

یاد بگیرند...دیگران را ببخشند با عادت کردن به بخشندگی


To learn that it only takes a few seconds to open profound

Wounds in those they love

یاد بگیرند تنها چند ثانیه طول می کشد تا زخمی در قلب کسی که دوستش دارید

ایجاد کنید


And it can take many years to heal them

ولی سال ها طول می کشد تا آن جراحت را التیام بخشد


To learn that a rich person

یاد بگیرند یک انسان ثروتمند


Is not one who has the most, but is one who needs the least

کسی نیست که دارایی زیادی دارد بلکه کسی هست که کمترین نیاز و خواسته را



To learn that there are people who love them dearly

یاد بگیرند کسانی هستند که آن ها را از صمیم قلب دوست دارند


But simply have not yet learned how to express or show their


ولی نمیدانند چگونه احساس خود را بروز دهند


To learn that two people can

یاد بگیرند و بدانند دو نفر می توانند به یک چیز نگاه کنند


Look at the same thing and see it differently

ولی برداشت آن ها متفاوت باشد


To learn that it is not enough that they

یاد بگیرند کافی نیست که تنها دیگران را ببخشند


Forgive one another, but they must also forgive themselves

بلکه انسان ها باید قادر به بخشش و عفو خود نیز باشند


 only God








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داستان شماره 4






Mr Grey liked shooting very much, but he did not get much practice at shooting wild

animals, and he was not very good at it. One of his troubles was that his eyes were not very good and he had to wear glasses. When it rained and his glasses got wet, he could not see very well.                                                                                          

One day he was invited to go out shooting bears in the mountains. It was rather a rainy day, and by mistake Mr Grey shot at one of the other hunters and hit him in the leg.                                                                                                                      

There was a court case about this, and at it the lawyer for the other man said ," why did you shoot at Mr Robinson?"                                                                                     

Mr Grey answered ,"I thought that he was a bear."                                                      

"When did you realize that you were wrong?" the lawyer asked.                                  

"When the bear began to shoot back at me," Mr Grey answered.                                  



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ایران پیروز و سرافراز با جوانان و نو جوانان باهوش ایرانی

سلام دوستان

راستش از وقتی که من تو روزنامه خوندم که بر اساس خبر گزاری گوگل حدود ۸۵٪ از کاربران اینترنتی ایران دنبال سکس در اینترنت هستند تصمیم گرفتم وبلاگی درست کنم تا بتونم حداقل به ۱٪ از این افراد انگلیسی بیاموزم و به جای اینکه روزانه در گوگل به جستجوی مواردی مانند:

داستان سکسی*داستان س ک س*

عکس سکسی*عکس س ک س*

کلیپ سکسی*کلیپ س ک س*

دختران سکسی*دختران س ک س*


سکس*سکس*سکس*سکس*و ...

از مطالب علمی استفاده کنند و دانایی خودشون رو افزایش بدند چون من اعتقاد دارم که اگر افکار برخی از نوجوانانی که به سوی سکس هستش را تغییر دهیم با نو آوری آنها می توانیم ایرانی آباد و سرافراز با جوانان و نوجوانان با هوش ایرانی خواهیم داشت و مشت کمی به دهان دشمنان ایران و اسلام خواهیم زد.

*به امید آن روز*


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داستان شماره 3


Two old gentlemen lived in a quiet street in Paris. They were friends and neighbours, and they often went for walks together in the streets when the weather was fine.

Last Saturday they went for a walk at the side of the river. The sun shone, the weather was warm, there were a lot of flowers every where, and there were boats on the water.

The two men walked happily for half an hour, and then one of them said to the other, "That's a very beautiful girl."

"Where can you see a beautiful girl?" said the other. "I can't see one anywhere. I can see two young men. they're walking towards us."

"the girl's walking behind us," said the first man quietly.

"but how can you see her then?"asked his friend.

The first man smiled and said ,"I can't see her, but I can see the young men's eyes.


دانلود صدای داستان


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داستان شماره 1

N.o 1

Mr and Mrs Jones very seldom go out in the evening ,but last Saturday, Mrs jones said to her husband,” there is  a good film at the cinema tonight .can we go and see it?”

Mr Jones was quite happy about it, so they went, and both of them enjoyed the film.

 They came out of the cinema at 11 o clock, got into their car and began driving  home. It was quite dark .Then Mrs Jones said: ”look ,Bill.”A woman s running along the road very fast, and a man s running after her.can you see rthrm?

Mr Jones said: ”yes, I can”. He drove the car slowly near the woman and said to her ”can we help you?”

“No, thank you” the woman said,but she did not stop running. ”My husband and I always run home after the cinema, and the last one washes the dishes at home!”




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داستان شماره 2




Fred was  a young soldier in a camp. During the week they always worked very hard, but it was Saturday; and all  the young soldiers were free, so their officer said to them ,”you can go into the town this afternoon, but first Im going to inspect you”

    Fred came to the officer ,and the officer said to him ,”your hairs very long .Go to the barber and then come back to me again.”

    Fred ran to the barbers shop ,but it was closed because it was Saturday .Fred was very sad for a few minutes ,but then he smiled and went back to the officer.

“Are y boots clean now,sir?” he asked.

    The officer did not look at Freds hair .He looked at his boots and said “Yes ,they re much  better now. You can go out. And next week ,first clean your boots,and then come to me!”  


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